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SFIA: Skills Framework for the Information Age

What is SFIA?

The Skills Framework for the Information Age (SFIA) was developed in 2000 to bring a number of different skills initiatives together to provide a single framework for the IT industry. Since then, SFIA has become the accepted language for the skills and competencies that are required by professionals in roles involving Information and Communications Technology.

Originally from the UK, SFIA is now used globally in more than 200 countries (and available in 6 languages). SFIA remains relevant and useful because it is updated using a process of global consultation: by ICT professionals, for ICT professionals.

This process of consultation ensures that SFIA continues to be relevant and keep up with the changing ICT world.

The current version of SFIA - version 7 - contains 102 skills, each broken down into up to 7 levels of competence. It also describes generic levels of responsibility: Autonomy, Influence, Complexity and Business Skills.

Version 7 built on the previous version to ensure the following areas were considered:

  • Digital transformation
  • Agile / DevOps
  • Software engineering
  • Big data/informatics
  • Service management
  • Cybersecurity and
  • The knowledge dimension.

SFIA is an invaluable tool in our transformation offering. Not only does the framework help us define our customers' target state capabilities, it also helps us understand the skills required to embark on the journey. It does not matter if we are creating an Agile Business or a Digital solution, SFIA is a key framework in our transformation strategy.

Why use SFIA?

Organisations use SFIA to help them in various ways.

  • SFIA uses a common language to define skills and competencies in a consistent way, so that everyone, from IT to the Business, can understand and communicate effectively
  • The framework provides clear descriptions of skills at various levels of responsibility
  • SFIA can be adopted and adapted to suit individual organisations
  • SFIA provides organisations with the ability to create more effective organisation structures that are based on skills rather than roles
  • The framework helps organisations understand their skills gaps, create development plans and create roadmaps to fill those gaps
  • The framework helps organisations of any size recruit, retain and grow talent in the areas they need it most.

Best of all, SFIA is free to use in-house as a management resource by a single company or Government department to help manage the skills of its staff!

Further information on SFIA can be found at www.sfia-online.org

DB Results - An Accredited SFIA Partner

DB Results is an Accredited Partner of SFIA, giving you the confidence that DB Results has properly accredited SFIA Consultants on staff.

Simon Roller is a SFIA Accredited Consultant and leads our SFIA business. Simon has been a champion of SFIA in Australia since 2010 and was instrumental in building awareness and usage of SFIA across Australia and New Zealand.

Simon has been a SFIA Council member, was part of the Project Team that led the roll-out of SFIA Version 6 and conducted the first SFIA 6 training courses in Australia.

"SFIA is an important part of DB Results' service offerings", commented Simon Roller. "We keep hearing that many organisations know they need to move from being technology focused to business focused. They also know they have skills gaps, but what they don't know is how to ascertain what they are, or how to address them. By using SFIA to assess individual skills of their current workforce, organisations can more effectively plan for the future with a clear understanding of the skills they have internally, and the ones they need to hire or develop."

SFIA services

Our SFIA services include the following:

  • SFIA tailored training and workshops
  • SFIA gap analysis
  • Assessment of current state to future state
  • Creation of job descriptions and role profiles
  • Operating model and organisation design
  • Cap2Vate™, our end-to-end capability management tool
  • Migration from older versions of SFIA to SFIA7
  • Full SFIA Implementation

Want to know more about how SFIA can help your organisation? Talk to us today.

* Skills Framework for the Information Age is owned by the SFIA Foundation - www.sfia-online.org * Cap2Vate is a trademark of DB Results Pty Ltd 2019

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