Transforming Digital Business Strategy into Reality
Published on 24th January 2019
Written by DB Results Marketing Team

DB Results' CEO Andrew Dean provides an update on the company's journey - as featured in APAC CIO Outlook Top 10 IT Service Companies - 2018

In today's highly competitive marketplace, going digital is a significant driver of success. Major companies like Airbnb and Uber have made their way to market leadership through the adoption of digital capabilities that gives them the speed and agility to get ahead of the competition and respond to consumer needs quickly.

DB Results was founded in 2004 by joint CEO's Andrew Dean and Gavin Bunshaw, with a vision to deliver digital business results. Now, some 14 years later, DB Results has built a solid reputation for moving customers from digital strategy to reality. By leveraging dynamic Agile principles incorporating Design Thinking, using the world leading OutSystems low code development platform and their offshore development business, DB Results can take clients from concept to a working digital solution in days and weeks rather than months and years. This results in better solutions for greater efficiency and making change easy, deriving a higher value for IT spend.

Partnering for success: OutSystems

DB Results continues to grow their expertise using a broad range of technology, such as Blockchain, BI tools, and development languages. "Over the last 12-24 months, we have expanded our capability in providing digital solutions using the OutSystems platform. This has enabled our customers to receive digital solutions and new ways of working, resulting in better, faster, cheaper and more flexible solutions. It is an incredibly powerful mix," remarks Andrew Dean, co-founder and joint CEO of DB Results.

DB Results provides an Enterprise-to-Enterprise range of digital services, enabling clients to understand and define their digital strategy. Clients can plan the benefit focused strategy execution, manage and deliver the technology, and process changes to deliver the strategy outcome. "Our onboarding process coaches the customer to prepare them for the speed of delivery and to get ready for the early use of solutions to enable faster benefit realization that the strategy is focused on delivering," says Dean.

Growth in Asia and beyond

Over the years, DB Results has delivered a range of solutions across the Asia Pacific region for companies in banking, insurance, superannuation, telecommunications, FMCG, retail, health, utilities, government, mining, and travel, leveraging dynamic Agile practices.

A prime example of how DB Results delivers solutions to clients is Randstad, a multinational human resource consulting firm. Randstad required a new Outplacement system for a major bank in Australia that had to address the needs of over 5000 people. DB Results built a prototype within 36 hours and delivered the first working version in OutSystems in 9 days that went into production the next day. Two further iterations were completed over the next five weeks, resulting in a new Outplacement system built and implemented in only seven weeks. "One of our differentiators is we continually ask WHY to focus on a beneficial outcome. We celebrate successes and fix issues fast, enabling change through speed and quality to deliver major business benefits," explains Dean.

"Further, our offshore development capability based in the Philippines, and the team based in Hong Kong will continue to grow over the next 12-24 months, giving us an opportunity to also not only organically grow within Australia and across Asia, but will enable our growth into the US market."

Results with purpose

DB Results' focus on Blockchain will continue to grow, particularly in the health sector. "At the end of the day, the heart of DB Results is to HELP, by focusing on what we can do to improve Health, Environment, Lifestyle and reduce Poverty. We will continue to deliver results for all our customers, as this has been in our company's DNA since the day we started," remarks Dean.

Moving ahead, DB Results will continue to deliver excellence in digital transformation and solutions for the market through moving digital strategy to reality. "We will leverage the OutSystems low code development platform and its inherent suitability for applications for digital devices and exploit the new artificial intelligence functionality they are enhancing, while continuing our dynamic Agile approach and developing offshore" concludes Dean.

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