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Published On: 3 May 2017
By DB Results

Digital clarity in 3 weeks, results in 3 months, funded by benefits.

Organisations Want Agile Digital Innovation

Delivering innovative digital solutions at speed to create value has become critical. How can you respond to the digital demand? Organisations turn to DB Results and employ our powerful and innovative agile 3plus3 delivery approach.

Organisations digitally re-engineer their businesses to increase revenue or decrease cost by entering new markets, gaining leadership or staying competitive. Businesses seeking fast results, know delivering digital change can be complex, challenging and frustrating. Companies struggle to bring new digital innovation and risk being left behind by the competition. DB Results knows how to deliver Speed-to-Value and improve your bottom line with 3plus3.

"DB Results agile digital delivery methodology will enable ACTRO to digitally engage with our customers. The Blueprint process provided the solution Vision and Roadmap for ACTRO's Digital Transformation while empowering us to "live the experience" of the solution through adaptive digital story boarding. It will give us a sound solution roadmap to evolve our digital future with our customers." Commissioner for ACT Revenue, Kim Salisbury


Why 3plus3?

In 3 weeks, we drive solution clarity:

  • We capture the vision
  • Build your digital story board
  • Define the solution
  • Deliver the Digital Roadmap to value

In 3 months, we deliver your results:

  • We build your solution
  • Unlock the business benefits
  • Drive your competitiveness
  • Positioning your digital future

Tablet Table

Customer Self Service Portal delivered in 3 months.

Deliver change fast with DB Results

3plus3 gives you the opportunity to have the digital solution you want NOW. It helps you focus and control your investment to rapidly gain benefits from your digital innovation and change.

"They transformed our ability to deliver integrated digital solutions for the business and our members. The agile and rapid development capability enabled the delivery team to quickly deliver and take advantage of opportunities and ideas from the business. This results in tangible value to our customers in short periods of time." Leading Australian Superannuation Company.

"We engaged DB Results because they had an approach that met our immediate need. They were professional, flexible, structured and focussed. The resulting app enabled dramatic productivity gains while keeping safety front of mind." Global Employment Group

Working with 3plus3:

  • Invigorates your digital change
  • Reduces your delivery risk bringing digital clarity in 3 weeks - results in 3 months
  • Shows you the solution before you invest in building it
  • Brings you fast benefits realisation
  • And delivers a new wave of digital innovation to position you as a market leader

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